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Apply for a Pioneer Certificate

Do you have St. Charles County ancestors? Our Pioneer Certificate is designed to be historical, educational, and to preserve the memory of the achievements and sacrifices made in the forming of our county.
The certificates are issued in five categories:
  1. Voyageur, before 1791;
  2. Explorer, before 1804 Corps of Discovery Expedition,
  3. Territorian, 1804-1806;
  4. Settler, before August 1821, Statehood;
  5. Einwanderer, German Immigrants before 1840; Citizen, 1821 through the Civil War.
Each certificate is recorded and the family information preserved by the St. Charles County Historical Society.  We encourage you to make as complete a file as possible. Include copies of photographs, births, deaths, marriages, deeds, and court records.  Please do not send originals, photocopies are acceptable.  The Certificate includes the name of the applicant as well as the ancestor being honored. Please be clear as to the spelling of the names that are to appear on the certificate.
To apply for a certificate fill out an application form and provide the information showing your District/County prior to the close of the Civil War in April 1865. The cost for each certificate is $15.00.  
Application forms are available at the Archives. For a complete set of instructions and a printable application, please come by and pick up a form, or please contact us to have an application mailed to you.  You may contact us by: 
  • phone at (636) 946-9828,
  • e-mail at, or 
  • US mail.  
If you contact us by US mail send your request along with a self-addressed, stamped, business size envelope to:
        St. Charles County Historical Society Certificate Program
       101 South Main Street
       St. Charles, MO. 63301-2802