St. Charles County Historical Society
Old Market House
101 South Main Street
St. Charles, Missouri 63301
(636) 946-9828


The primary mission of the St. Charles County Historical Society is to preserve, interpret and make publicly available the rich historical record of St. Charles County.  Up until 2016 the Society has accepted donations of items of all sorts that are historically significant to St. Charles County.  Over the sixty years of our existence we have accumulated an enormous collection of artifacts ranging from quilts to uniforms to toys to firearms to other ephemera.  This is in addition to the many photographs, letters, family histories, church vital records, maps, census records and other official records of the county such as circuit court and immigration documents.  Because of space limitations and our inability to display the artifacts in our collection, we have elected to de-accession these items and transfer them to the St. Charles County Heritage Museum where it is hoped they will be available for public viewing on a more regular basis.
We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and welcome your donations. You may click HERE to make an online donation.
Donations of papers, photographs, books and other miscellaneous documents will be gladly accepted as they pertain to St. Charles County.  People desiring to donate historical artifacts will now be referred to the Heritage Museum.  We stand ready and willing to assist parties in making such donations as our interest in the preservation of St. Charles County history remains undiminished.  
We also accept financial donations in a variety of forms from cash to equities to real estate.  In fact, we rely on these types of donations for a substantial portion of our yearly operating revenue.